Day 8/30: Avoiding fast food chain products

The day starts in the afternoon.

Spent most of the afternoon considering going to the next town just to get Elbi and experience the big screen once more. I opted not to. I did went out late to get some cold drinks from the convenience store.

No contact with fastfood chain products today. Had cold pizza for breakfast/lunch and a wheat bread sandwich for dinner. I’m confident I’d be fastfood-free today. I’m at home and I don’t have the money for takeout or delivery. Convenient.

Thanks to my office mate for the new set of movies and TV series.

My head’s heavy from all the sleep. My body clock’s all messed up. I’m awake until about four in the morning – despite all the sheep counting, ceiling staring, and book reading. The body gives in when the church bells rings accompany the  now brighter blue color of the curtains.


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