The deal with conversations, it’s kinda hard to have them with oneself.

That is why I look back at the past week as something of a blessing. It’s been a week of great conversations with friends and family. It means, I’ve been in close contact with people long enough to keep a conversation. None of the polite, perfunctory, obligatory chat – or the option of silence – or best, elusion of the slightest probability of having to have to talk.

Conversations are not something that I get to engage in with my antisocial tendencies. However, there was a perceived need to contact people – and talk.  To listen, react, and share. This time, I asked the sisters for some dinner time instead of waiting for an invite from them. There was this felt need to be in the company of family (although I’m not quite sure if it’s a good thing).

There’s this pleasant feel to having conversations. There’s a role one plays for every exchange. It’s unique for each case. Sometimes, all one needs is to listen. There is a time to seek and give advice. There are moments to express the difference in opinion, to present different perspectives. There’s sharing in varying levels of humility – or complete lack of. The best conversations for me, are the ones that the ones that you’d have totally no idea how the conversation reached that topic.

Good conversations make one unaware of time. One may not even remember everything they’ve talked about. It’s that pleasant warm feeling of having such a great time over a meal, drink (caffeine, sugar in various forms, or alcohol), and even nothing that remains. Somehow, one believes that everyone involved share a greater field of experience and perhaps, a stronger bond.

A friend has gone back four (or more) years to trace (and find an explanation) for the changes within and between social circles. It was nearly closing when the conversation ended. No caffeine served. Usually, this length of conversations take place in the cafe we used to frequent.

The other night, the eldest sister, the third sister, and I were talking about … a lot of things? Vague, I know. I just could not remember what we started with and how it ended. We just noticed that we were all trying to rest our respective backs in the driftwood chair and on the floor, in an attempt to rest. The conversation just kept on going. When we did finally decide to cut the conversation, we were surprised that it was two in the morning. We had an early dinner and the conversation was continued from the pizza place to the salon and then to the mother’s place. It was an alcohol-free exchange 😀 I had to nibble on my nephew’s biscuits to last me until end of conversation. Fuel, you see? I needed it.

Over coffee, there are talks of plans. Over dinner there are major decisions made. The places where people opt to stay are designed to be the venue for prolonged exchanges that even the not-so-sociable individuals would be part of a conversation once in a while.

Conversing with the self is possible. Done that. Mirror, ceiling, wall, pen and paper, the works. Nothing beats that conversation you share with the people you care about.



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