Day 18/30: Avoiding fast food chain products

Had cereals for breakfast. That means I woke up late.

It was a busy morning. I was dealing with the student consultations and working on the revisions of a report layout. Late in the afternoon, I found it more and more difficult to process information. Discussing rooms for improvement in the students’ output seemed to take greater effort. Then I remembered I hadn’t had lunch.

The office mate was also too engrossed checking student outputs. Found ourselves having lunch at about four in the afternoon. Pesto pasta never tasted that good.

It was raining hard early in the evening. There’s a typhoon, they say. Everyone’s waiting and hoping for the suspension of classes. Left work earlier than usual. I found myself nursing a cup of cappuccino as I dealt with a request from the mother.

Dinner was a tricky case. Two initial attempts to have dinner didn’t push through. I was supposed to have dinner at the cafe but decided not to. It felt uneasy. I needed to be somewhere. I don’t know where that is. I went for a walk. Thought I should go check on the mother’s new project. Lost the appetite after a particularly looooong and repetitive conversation – more like a monologue. My role was to keep quiet. Troubled, I knew where to seek advice.

At about eleven, I finally managed to get that dinner – at the eldest sister’s house.  Sinigang and unlimited rice 😀  The advantages of home cooking. This week will not end without a jog/walk session.


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