Day 19/30: Avoiding fast food chain products

Prepared a hotdog sandwich in a rush. Woke up late. It was a great weather to sleep in but it’s a work day. There were no classes but we had to report to the office. Dealt with mostly student consultations today.

Had lunch at the eldest sister’s house. That’s the only place where the thick crab and corn soup is a staple. This was after completing the morning’s tasks which ranged from appraisal, exchange, and purchases – and delivery.

Went back to the office drained. It’s the anxiety more than physical work that left me worthless for the rest of the day. Well, I did make myself a little useful by uploading student outputs. That required no processing. That was all I could manage.

I could not decide on what I want to eat for dinner. I found myself buying pasta, some pastries, and then a rice meal. Of course I would not be able to eat all of them.

I went with the rice meal for dinner. I’ll have the pasta tomorrow.


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