Day 21/30: Avoiding fast food chain products

This was lunch at about three in the afternoon – plus peppermint Italian soda from Ristretto (located at the first floor of Vega Centre in Los Baños, Laguna). I survived until about that time since I had a late breakfast (cereals). I met with the sisters and the nieces for dinner at Ristretto still.  The third sister had yet to try the place. Sampled their BLT subs and iced Scotch coffee (or something similar to that). The best part is, it was a treat from the third sister 😀 No fruit shake for today 😀

Finally, I’m posting some photos. (I just hope I get to regularly post some.) The photo quality from Nokia phones isn’t as good as Sony Ericsson’s cybershot series. But hey, a gift’s a gift. Free’s free. Don’t get me wrong. I greatly thankful. I just miss the c901 image quality.

I almost forgot, I dropped by the usual cafe. I was hoping I could join some friends after the dinner. They already left. I should have done the same. But then, I saw the blueberry cheesecake on display. Darn those clear, lit refrigerators.





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