Day 23/30: Avoiding fast food chain products

It was pancit canton and pandesal for brunch and pancakes for dinner.

There were less burnt portions of pancakes. It was relatively more edible this time. I guess, I have to deal with a few more boxes of that mix so I could cook a batch with burning even one side.

Opening a pack of Luck Me Pancit Canton Extra Hot Spicy, now gives me the feeling of dread. In the past months, getting a pack with properly sealed seasoning make one feel like winning a raffle. It’s either the oil or the soy sauce has leaked or the powdered seasoning that has hardened. I’ve been eating this product making it a staple part of my diet to the horror of relatives/friends, increasing health risks for this already struggling system. Whatever happened to quality control?

It rained the entire day. I’m not sure what it is about rainy days, but I get hungry more frequently 😀  (I admit, that’s one lame excuse.)


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