dealing with unproductiveness

It was earlier this month when I made this. I was at the usual cafe dealing with the usual state of unproductiveness.

This cafe has great music selections. For this particular day, they went old school. I mean, before my time old school music. It was nice listening to the songs. On a rainy late afternoon, it was comfortable, relaxing, and warm.

This sketch was an interpretation of one of the songs. And me, being me, I forgot what the song title was. It had a Popeye feel to it. I don’t even remember why it’s Popeye I associated with it. It had a sea and travel feel to it. So much for providing the context.

When I was sitting in that corner, I wanted to doodle. I was sick of the faces I usually waste the ink or graphite on. I think I have hundreds of face drawings. None of them resembling people I know. So back to that rainy afternoon, I wanted something else. Then I remembered a colleague who dropped by the office to share an interpretation exercise she facilitated in the visual design class. She played a song for the class to interpret. The students’ interpretations were to take the form of the sketch.

So I thought, why not give it a try. Anything’s better that another distorted face 😀


See, when one feels unproductive in some aspects of one’s life (work, family, finances, etc), there’s that need to complete something for the day. At work, that’s quite a challenge since not all the tasks can be completed in a day. So in between few dates of completing tasks are days with that feeling of being unproductive. 

To deal with that, one learns to feed on smaller sources of that sense of productiveness in personal/creative challenges or minor tasks. Something that can be accomplished in minutes or hours. A home-cooked cooked meal, a longer exercise session, a sketch, and the like. It varies for each person.  It may sound pathetic (well, perhaps it is) but that’s how one manages to keep feeling (and believing that s/he’s capable of being) productive.




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