flu remedy: spicy beef noodle soup

The erratic August weather plus my lack of decent sleep is the perfect context for flu. Headaches, heavy breathing, and muscle pain. The joints – it feels like everything’s is disconnect.

Lunch time, I forced myself out of the office under the searing sun (never was fan of bringing umbrella) and made my way to find some soup – any soup. The 30-day no fast food chain product is finished so I can get some of Chowking‘s spicy beef noodle soup. But then I remembered that their branch near the campus gate is under renovation.

The next option was KFC’s arroz caldo. Too greasy but I thought  I would do. Half a meter from the KFC door and I remembered Baan Thai’s spicy beef noodle soup that earned praises from a friend and the eldest sister. Beef and chili (whatever form it may take), two of my favorite things in food.  Baan Thai, it was.

Spent about two hours enjoying the spicy soup. In that span of time, the once clear sky has been covered by heavy dark clouds, which made the soup taste better. I could have stayed longer but I opted not to because I noticed the two tables have finished their lunch. I arrived before them 😀

I was feeling much better on the way back to the office. If the soup would taste that good whenever I’m sick, I would want to have the flu every other week. Perhaps I’ll have another bowl some other day.









One thought on “flu remedy: spicy beef noodle soup”

  1. I agree…thats really good specially if you feel unwell…whew!! I love spicy, I might cook a spicy beef noodle soup for me…have a great time….

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