This time, it was with friends. Beef noodle soup number 3 for the week. I am still sick after all. I think this will be my last for this month at least. Law of diminishing marginal return, I found, is applicable in the utils we get from food – plus the soup’s quite pricey for daily consumption 😀

I won’t be able to sleep tonight, I guess.  I have to finish the slides for tomorrows presentation. I’ve planned it all out. I just need to actually make the slides. But before that, I’ll have that coffee first, exhaust the day’s entertainment news, listen to new talks, write blog entries,…

I made myself believe I’ll be able to work at the cafe while keeping a conversation. I was able to start with the slides, at least. Never really got to finish it. We got home and it’s an hour before midnight. A few more attempts for delay and I’m finally making significant progress with this presentation. So I guess I should stop writing here and go back to my slides.


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