Never really got to sleep. This cramming thing is never a good practice. Yeah, I’ve been telling myself that since… well, forever? I did finish the slide. I just feel like everything’s in slow mo. There’s  a great delay in me attempting to process things.

And yeah, the slides I didn’t sleep for? I never really got to use it. The coordinators forgot the projector so I did chalk-and-talk (well, whiteboard-marker-and-talk). Good thing I also brought permanent markers and meta cards. The projector arrived as I wrapped my session. Great. I just hoped I gave them (the participants) something useful for their work. In this undead mode, I was able to answer their queries. I just knew I could have done better if I had any sleep.

In the afternoon, I get to be part of the audience for another talk. This afternoon’s talk reminded me of how little I remember from some of my graduate classes – and how bad I am with anagrams.

Next week, I’ll be handling a session. I’ll prepare the slides earlier so I’ll be more useful. I wish.



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