stay home Friday

No glutton session for today. I have to be more conscious about my expenses, most of which go to food.

If it’s not food, it would be movies or series or documentaries or talks. Heck, even movie trailers at YouTube or at FrontRow. I’d read movie briefs in korean movie/drama sites and then I’d move on to anime sites. I’d attempt to read a few pages of some of the books that’s forever stacked in a chair (functioning as a side table). There’s about five books there at the moment. Three of them I’m reading every other day. A few pages of Book 1 and then a chapter of Book 2 and then on with Book 3. It’s similar to how I’d listen to two or more talks online. I’ll listen to Talk 1 as Talk 2 loads in another tab.

I’m prepping for the writing that I would be doing tomorrow – or at least I hope I could start tomorrow. I need to get this one done. I’ve been telling myself that for the last three years. Even I am irritated – disappointed with how poorly I’ve handled this one.

Not the best way to spend a Friday. Movies’ll fix that.


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