to care less

Usually about this time of the semester, I’m stressing about the giveaways, posters, and the like. I would have spent the past two weeks conceptualizing and gathering data for slide presentations and scheduling photo shoots. I guess, I’m way past that stage. Experience has taught me that quantity does not translate to better quality of students. I’d rather we had few good quality students. At least we can focus on them. That, I guess has been one strength.

Is it worth it? These past months (years, actually), the question has bugged me. Everyday, I have a different answer and justification for that answer. If I were to tally the daily responses, it is worth it.

I just need to care less and exert less effort. Refocus all that unneeded energy into something that’s more fulfilling – like watching TV series/movies and spending the weekends with family. No work on weekends.

What I learned is that one needs to balance the effort and fulfillment one gets to settle one’s priorities. Now I just have to learn how to go about to doing that.



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