I keep getting bruises and scratches – and I don’t even know how I got them. I’m no klutz (at least I believe so) but I just keep getting them. I’ll just notice them when I’m washing my hands or arms or when they start to hurt.

Minor paper cuts, scratches, bruises – how is it possible that I do not notice getting them? Sometimes the cuts, scratches, and bruises appear at the same time as if I’d been in a fight or a tumble – which I have no memory of. At least, there’s no blood, which is a great comfort.

The paper cuts are expected with me dealing with (piles of) student outputs everyday. The bruise, that’s another thing. It’s not like I have sensitive skin on something.

The sister jokes that perhaps I have too much on my mind to notice or perhaps I’ve gotten used to getting them that I don’t notice anymore. I just don;t think I have that much to think about to not notice. It’d be nice to think that I have high tolerance to pain, but that’s not the case.

I’ll find out whatever the reason may be. It’s just that I need to be aware especially of the cuts and scratches so I can be ready for pain whenever I wash the hands (especially on the side of the fingers) or arms. Gets me all the time.



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