the week that was

I was about 30 minutes away from the cut off. It’s frustrating that I wasn’t able to accomplish this task. Now, I’d have to spend the weekend thinking about what I could have done to fax the list on time. Time I could have used for worrying about other things.

Having coffee with the friends helped make up for the stressful week. I’m having problems with my sleep. I just could not sleep – until it’s about four in the morning. I wake up and go to work groggy and cranky. It takes greater effort and longer time to process things. In this work, processing is something I have to do everyday.

I’m constantly finding myself asking for an apology for the things I forget (like the person I’m talking with said a few seconds ago), for making people repeat their statements, for the dead air during student consultations, for multi-tasking because everything’s piling up with this delay in remembering which task to deal with next. It’s crazy. I have to talk to myself as I type text messages to make sure I’m encoding the words I’m saying.

And the worst part of having little to no sleep for a prolonged period of time, I blurt out unprocessed sentences. These sentences can be rude, insensitive.

This week, I’ve been easily frustrated, irritated, anxious, overly guilty, and relieved-then-immediately-uneasy. I can’t remember any moment of calm. (Or perhaps, it’s just me being forgetful.)

Lack of sleep and PMS should never happen on the same week.

The coffee session helped a lot. For that, I am deeply grateful to the three friends. ‘Was still cranky (crankier than usual). And, I think a sowed a lot of seeds :S


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