ma’s day

It’s the blessing of the mother’s beauty salon. Went for moral support – and food. Plus I get to be the day’s photographer.

It was quite eventful. Had a hair treatment, indulged in carbs fest with the kakanin and pansit, had a wrestling match with my seven-year old nephew (mine were all blocking moves), got a bite mark (still from the nephew), saved a few balloons from the nephews balloon popping tendencies. Why, it was quite a productive day!

The best achievement for the day? Surviving half a day with blaring sound systems. What is it with noise pollution and store openings/blessings?! I realized I love the mother more than I care to admit. Why else would I endure that volume level?

Now the mother thought it brought good luck. She installed sound systems inside the salon. That means noise. Great!

At the end of the day, I got to see the mother dancing happily – feet stomping and the twirl thing. So that’s how she looked when she’s happy (aside from receiving a large amount from the boyfriend). Interesting. All that noise we had to endure seemed okay. At least I got to see this. I hope she stays that way. She won’t. I’m sure. Still, I hope.



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