So I gulped a liter of the cheapest bottled water I could find at 7eleven. It makes me wonder what’s the difference of the quality of water between a 24-peso and a 32-peso worth one-liter bottled water. These are convenience store prices of course. They’re both safe to drink, right?

I hadn’t visited the field in two weeks. It figures. I’ve been convincing myself that I can still reach the top of the office stairs without panting. The fact that I needed to convince myself, that makes it untrue. I did manage to get that much needed exercise.

As I made the last round towards the convenience store, I’ve decided. Only fresh coffee, fruit shakes, and water for a month. Meaning, no soda or iced tea or powdered juices.  Hah! That would be quite a challenge since I’m going home for a fiesta celebration this weekend. It will be a test of self-control 😀

Back to the water gulping part  (yeah, no 7eleven Gulps for a month by the way).  I didn’t realize I was that thirsty. I made it a point to be careful as I made my way up a few stairs. It felt like was going to spill out of my mouth if my body leaned towards any side.

I forgot the bloated feeling when I saw the empty counters at Sulyaw. Darn, this is what I get for starting (hence ending) the jog late. See how I forget things when there’s food (a way greater cause of worry) problems involved 😀 I remembered Papu’s was still open when I passed a few minutes ago – and I hope it still was.

Fortunately, it was still open. Meal 4 (6 pcs siomai +1 cup rice) plus chili and garlic for 38Php. Not bad. Even the rice serving seemed bigger. Or perhaps Ate took pity on me. (Did I look that hungry? ) Despite the reports on the microscopic organisms that allegedly reside in their siomai, I’m still breathing.

And why did I think of siomai as after-jog dinner only now?

By the time the siomai photo was uploaded, I’ve finished the meal. It’s a good dinner in preparation for an all-nighter. Yep, not much (to no) sleep for tonight. A draft 1 is due tomorrow.

So, a recap for the future me:

  1. Yep, after two weeks, you managed to jog. Keep jogging, will you? The pants say you need it. Don;t wait for the belt to confirm that 😀
  2. Include Meal 4 in your dinner options after jog/walk sessions.
  3. And most importantly, you promised to start a 30-day challenge without cola, soda, energy drinks, juices, GULP, powdered juices. It’s basically coffee, water, and fruit shake for you for a month. (I know you’re going to hate the past you for putting this is black and white.) Good luck!

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