that familiar place

Sanity. Yep, it’s a bitch. You try to hang on to it and it’s never easy. The funny thing is, you (nearly) lose all that sense of self-control over the tiniest things. Today, it was about adaptors, a 150-peso worth adaptor that I could not get hold of.

In between student consultations, I walked around the building several times just to find a more decent video input for the videoconference we’ve scheduled later this evening. The available adaptors and the computer units are just not compatible.

All afternoon, I kept bugging a colleague and I didn’t even notice it. I just knew I was irritated. All that negativity, I don’t know where I managed to gather that much frustration, irritation, and anger.

What I knew was that nothing’s going right – in everything I was supposed to be organizing. Late afternoon and I found myself in that spot – pink walls and all. There I stayed for quite a while. I don’t even like pink. There I stayed until everything seemed better.

That was that one place that when I emerge from, everything is better. It means I’ve found a way to deal with things. Until then, enclosed in pink stained walls, I stay. It took a few minutes but I’m relieved I got out. Seemed longer than what my watch tells me.

The great thing about all that fuss about looking for a better quality camera? We opted not to use it. The built-in web cam send clearer video that the video cam that had that adaptor.

I could only laugh. What else was there to do?



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