home pride


This is a view I’d want to see to start and end my day. If I manage to reach becoming an elderly retired wrinkled woman, I’d want to be near this place.

It would be hard to make me appreciate beaches or sunrises and sunsets. I grew up in a place where we had all that. That’s hard to beat as a baseline. What is beautiful for me in terms of beaches and sunrise/sunset is what more breath taking than what Bacacay offers.

The mountainous scattered islands offer a  wide selection of spots to watch the sun rise and set. In these islands, one could explore beaches with no resorts, have a section of the beach to yourself, watch fisher folks as they go on with their daily routine. There’s no gourmet or foreign dish cooked for you. You eat what the people serve at their table. The electrical supply has a schedule and ice is a premium commodity. Of course you’ll manage to have a cold coke in your possession – somehow.


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