In any work space would be at least a mug and a pencil.

I seem to have acquired a number both in the past years. When the brain ceases to function, I could just stare at them.

I add a box of pencils every semester. I don’t know where the pencils have gone or where they were left. At the end of the semester, they thin out. Sharpening pencils before the class is part of the start of semester ritual. It’s like sharpening one’s tools for the student outputs to come.

The mug is from the regular manong who sells ceramic wares in the University. This particular afternoon as I was staring at the pencils, I was reminded of the this book cover.


They’re not even similar (well, at least tehy both have pencils).  I didn’t say they were. I was just reminded that I should be completing this read (ebook). My eyes just can’t stand prolonged reading from a screen.



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