on a high

That’s the state you’re in after a few minutes of coffee aroma appreciation. The smell of ground Batangas barako coffee beans is enough to keep me awake until later this evening. That would be a good thing. I’ve got piles of student outputs to deal with.

I’ve been bringing these outputs with me for quite a while hoping I could read some and slowly work on the rest. I really should be working on setting realistic objectives. That would be a great favor for my back.

Managed to cross an entry out of yesterday’s to-do. That makes me happy enough. At least I managed to complete something – anything today. I’ll take one accomplished task over nothing. I’m that desperate.

I’m alert and awake thanks to that mugful of coffee. The spoonful of creamer didn’t stand a chance. It wasn’t even able to lighten the drink’s deep brown color.

Now, on with the next task.


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