getting on the other side

The thing with pedestrian lanes, you need to cross them. I have a problem with the crossing part.

As a ‘syana from the coastal village in Bacacay, I never really had to deal with several automobiles moving in two major directions before I cross the street. Our streets are wide but I had no trouble dealing with getting on the other side.

It took quite a while before I could get comfortable in crossing the streets in our campus during the college days. When I find myself in a new place (meaning, any place excluding my hometown and the area I work in), crossing the streets make me anxious. I’d be willing to walk distances to find an over(under)pass or even pay a tricycle/taxi to get me to the other side (Note: this usually happens when I’m dealing with busy highways).

Of course, I cannot always avoid crossing the streets so I’ve found some strategies useful. Always wait for a large group of pedestrians to cross and cross with them. Patience plays a key role in this one. Just pretend that you’re busy making up your mind if you want to cross or not – or perhaps you’re busy composing/reading a text message or making/accepting a call. If all else fail, get a pedicab, tricycle, or taxi to get you on the other side. It’d cost you.

You just continue to hope that the cost would motivate you to learn the art of getting to the other side. I’m still hoping.




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