I thought I’d be able to avoid going to Manila if I worked in the province. I thought wrong. I had to get something there. Need is a good motivation.

After a month of asking people how to get to the destination, I still found myself hailing a cab and asking the kind manong driver to help me find this office. Silly me, I should have known the place was composed of two compounds separated by a (large) block. I could have just walked. If I had known I could have crossed that block through the mall, I would have. I didn’t know that.  It was about noon and this place doesn’t really have much shade around. There’s a lot of hot wind and dust.

I was more than a little confused when the jeepney driver used an alternate route to avoid traffic in the main streets. He instructed me that my destination was somewhere on his left. I jut had to cross the street and I’ll find the place there. That kinda raised my anxiety level.

I did find the place. I was relieved – and stressed. But relieved. Good to finally get the thing over with. Still stressed. And what better way to de-stress than to stare at a wide range of merchandise and enjoy a meal. Good thing there was a mall nearby.

Okay, maybe I did go beyond the staring. It’s not everyday that I get to be surrounded by footwear of this range. I needed new shoes. It was on sale. About 60% off. Good brand. My sandals fell apart last week. Excuses.

Managing to avoid boutiques and the department store for jeans was my greatest achievement.

I hope I’ll remember to avoid shoe shops when I’m stressed.



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