morning ritual

The tall brown ceramic mug has given up on me. It cracked. For a 45-peso mug, it did last a while. Now, I’ll be waiting for manong who rounds the university selling ceramic wares. I hope he drops by this week. For the meantime, it’s the red tabo (dipper), as my colleagues refer to it, I’d be using until I get another mug.

We were welcomed with traces of rodent activities this morning. It seemed like they had one hell of a party in the office during the long weekend. Frames displaced, food wrappers (the food wasn’t even from our room), wood chips, and etc. Even the magnets on the board was displaced. How do they do it?!  And so my room mates started the week applying alcohol to everything, and I mean everything.

Aside from the coffee preparation, the disinfection attempt has become part of the morning routine.



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