half a day a few inches taller

I’ve always wondered why I don’t wear “girly” shoes as much I’d want to. I couldn’t remember the answer to that question this morning so I wore one to work. It was during lunch time that I remembered the answer. Pain. The delight one takes in managing to wear some feminine footwear at last wore off halfway through the day. There are things to be thankful for though.

I got a better view of things.

I learned to appreciate the second step that jeepneys have recently provided as one gets on/off the vehicle. I used to frown at that second step. It looked and felt awkward and I always had this feeling that I’d slip as I get off the jeepney. With this day’s footwear, I realized that it’s for those who wear footwear of certain height and for the elderly and the children.

I kept to my workspace (relatively) so I was more focused on work. I did have to leave the office for some matters but it was kept to minimum – yep, even the loo visits. The stairs (oooh, those stairs!) are quite the challenge. It could be tricky. One has to be extra careful with the steps and the balance to avoid taking a roll to the bottom. (I read in one of those pseudoscience publications that we Sagittarians should be careful to avoid falls as the hips and the joints are our most sensitive areas – or was it prone to injury? – or both? Pardon the faulty memory.)

I realized how I love the sisters -and a good meal. The eldest sister and I went to get some pizza at Auntie Pearl’s (where else?), which can be quite the walking distance from the office if one’s still adjusting to the footwear. The third sister joined us much later. Begged for a tricycle ride home.

I won’t say it was a breeze. I wasn’t that bad either. At least I got a subject for today’s post 😀


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