I had to get out of the apartment. Another Saturday night at home was not an option. I’ve ran out of The Mentalist episodes and new movies. The brain shuts down whenever I attempt to continue with the student outputs.

Did the photo documentation for the nephew’s school activity. The proud aunt clicked on as the seven-year-old walked with their class banner (he volunteered to hold the banner, totally unlike the aunt) around the block. For the rest of the morning, Angry Birds on my phone kept him happy and still. Dropped him off to the mother after lunch. At least, I planned to. I ended up staying until early evening.

I saw how my mother shopped and I now believe habits can be handed down. I didn’t spend much time with the mother. It’s freaky when she does things that you know you also do. I could not have learned that from her. Not possible. It makes me wonder what else I may have gotten from her.

Obviously, charm and social skills are out of the list. Not a drop. How else would I have managed to keep to myself (except when placing orders) in a coffee shop  during a band sessions night?

I did feel good at the end of the evening. Managed to (finally!)  fulfill a promise made two years ago. All I needed was that Hawaiian pressed coffee to keep me focused. It would have been better if I brought the laptop charger but I did manage to finish the design on time.

Saturday evening out ended with me feeling productive – and palpitating (I mean caffeinated). I’m just happy I spent the day not facing the screen.


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