It was dark – at about eight in the morning. Leapt out of the bed realizing I’d be late. It was such a relief to see text messages of the suspension of classes and work for the day.

Howling winds and the sound of rain plus that irritating noise of the metal sheet flapping at the neighbor’s kitchen window. It sounded like the wind would rip it off any minute. But then, those a too minor a detail compared with what other neighborhoods are dealing with. I’m thankful that I am safe in the apartment.

That is, until I was summoned by the mother to the salon under false information. To go out in this weather is not something I’d do.  I went to the salon and stayed a bit then took the soonest opportunity to leave. Basically, that’s when one of her friends visit.

Spent the afternoon staring (not necessarily processing) student outputs. The red pen has been on my side for quite some time now ready for the comments that should have come to mind hours ago. Still, the drafts remain blank. I’ve flipped through the pages repeatedly. I see words blurring.  I realized I was wasting time so movies, it was. Read a chapter or so from one of the books piled by the bedside. Didn’t last long. Tried another set of outputs – electronic ones this time. Still no progress. Didn’t go past the renaming and compiling all submitted outputs in one file for ease in format and editing.

I didn’t know what to focus on first. This day was off the daily routine. Shifted from one thing to another hoping to make the most out of time. Finally gave up and decided to sleep hoping I’d manage to wake up at midnight to really do the editing – some editing.

We’ll see.



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