got that right

It’s a gift. Some people just have the knack for the right words at the right time. It amazes me.

You find yourself stepping back from the scene. Is this scripted? That’s one hell of a dialogue. Great lines there. You’d know you’re in the company of people you’d want to have long conversations with. That doesn’t happen as often as we would like them to. In this company, you’re amazed how even you can throw lines worthy of being in a script somewhere (or maybe I just have low standards. It sure is higher than some I have viewed.)

There’s that feeling of being in a shoot set. You find yourself looking for cameras and crews. It would have been a charming scene. You find none of these. All you can do is smile to yourself and be grateful for having these moments. Some people have to watch movies to experience these. You got to experience it for free firsthand.

That’s the beauty of keeping great company.


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