In the confines of a classroom, the learning is measured through written and practical examinations. Parallel to those exams are the people and situations we deal with.

Think of every individual you happen to come across as an item in a test. One earns a point every time one decides how to deal with the individual and where one would place the same individual in one’s social hierarchy and/or network.

As with most examination designs, the items get more difficult as the exam progresses. So really, why bother hoping that the people one would dealing with in the future would be easier? They’ll be more complicated, more difficult. However, this does not necessarily mean that we’ll always have greater difficulty.

As we deal with these items, somehow, the skill will be honed. A pattern will be detected and strategies can be developed – consciously or unconsciously. It may be more difficult but we’ll adapt. We always do.

The items will be more challenging because they need to be. How else will we learn if they were to get easier.

Every day is a test – not in identifying the good, the kind, the irritable, the insensitive, the irresponsible, the unattractive, or the intelligent. It is a test on how we deal with the best, the worst, and the in-betweens of people and situations. We can explode. We can break down. That’s not necessarily failing.

By learning something – anything – from every person we meet or every situation we find ourselves in, that’s when we earn a point. And sometimes – some unexpected bonus points. It’s a delight every time.

Test items are never easy. They’re not supposed to be.


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