pen crazy

Dropped by two school supplies store on the way to work this morning. I needed new black pens – and I needed to feel good. At this part of the semester, the mere act of buying pens already makes me feel productive.

It’s a feel-good purchase. I needed one from all the self-loathing resulting from the incapacity to complete tasks on time. This habit’s costing me – literally. Good thing, I’ve managed to dissuade myself from visiting the bigger supplies/book store in a mall about 45 minutes away. Who knows how many gel/marker/sign pen variations they’ve got on stock. It’d be an expensive visit.

On the positive side, I’ve stopped acquiring more notebooks – because they’re getting ridiculously more expensive. Who spends five hundred pesos for a not-even-acid-free paper? They usually have a clothed hardcover with unattractive prints – and they sell it for five hundred to a thousand?!

Frustrated with the price of notebooks, I’ve focused on pens. They’re more practical feel-good purchase.  Relatively, that is.


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