end of sem

I’ve always had mixed feelings about this part of the semester. I’m relieved that the semester’s about to end. I dread new set of deadlines for grades and others. I’m excited to see what the students and I have learned this semester. There’s also that fear that perhaps there’s not much learning that happened. I look forward to their submissions  while preparing myself for the worst possible case.

So far, it’s been good. Of course, there will always be disappointment and doubt. Didn’t I do my job well enough? What did I not do? But this semester, I’ve been amazed to see the potential of our students. It’s amazing how if they just choose to focus, these individuals can perform way above average.

Perhaps I’ve lowered my expectations – prepared myself for something as bad or worse than the previous. Maybe the students’ performance were really better. Maybe it’s both? Perhaps compared with the other semesters I’ve has, this one’s better. Whatever the reason is, it’s been a good semester. I think. I believe. I still have a week or two to change my mind about that. I’ll let you know.

I’ve seen students working hard for their outputs. Even if that’s because they’re aiming for a good grade, that’s still a great compliment for the subject/course.

I witnessed initiative in practice, which I thought was dead. Then there was responsibility and and foresight. These qualities, we’ve stopped expecting to see from students. It’s nice to see these around the building again. We’ve missed the qualities. A minority possesses these qualities. We’re just happy to note that that minority is of  greater size than last year’s. Then, there’s your usual group of students. There’s still a lot of work to do for the case of common sense.

I’m more fulfilled than frustrated. I’m more proud than disappointed. I’m more thankful than doubtful – as of now at least.


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