47 seconds

A test of loyalty.

A couple of umbrella twirling, forward-sideward steps, and a looooooong time of waiting – that’s how the week started. Every second week of October, we participate in a parade for the university to honor the students and the staff who courageously volunteered to serve the country.

That few seconds was nothing (even the hours of waiting) compared with what the previous university staff and students offered. I used to complain about how it takes time from the working on student papers. I could think of a lot of things I could have made better use of my time. I expect I will continue to complain in the future.

However, the day will not end without me realizing what how minuscule my efforts (that’s the umbrella twirling and waiting part) were compared with what was offered to the country in 1918. Oh here comes the guilt.  Then there’s that sermon from the voice inside my head. I make that promise that I’ll complain no more the next year.

In the past four years, it’s become a cycle.


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