the button, the goldfish, and the horse

It was white cold freezing. A button and a goldfish were bouncing their way through the ice ground when they came upon a horse. Blank. The three seemed to have made friends in the short time they’ve been together. Then the button and the goldfish found themselves struggling in the freezing water managing to gasp for air.

The button and the goldfish were presented a choice. One of them could could live and spend more time with the horse if the other stays in the freezing water (that meant drowning and freezing – or the other way around). The button stopped struggling and succumbed to gravity gracefully spiraling towards the bottom.

The goldfish, unaware of the option that the button took, stopped breathing and yielded to the waters. The goldfish watched the golden ball of light get smaller and become more blurry. Then there was darkness. Blank. Silence. Long beeping (and irritating) sound.

The button and the goldfish gasped for air as if awaking from a dream. The wind was blowing icicles from where water dripped from them. Soaked in coldness, they remained thankful. At least they were feeling.

Why didn’t you get out?” they asked each other at the same time. Silence. “Who said I didn’t?” They stared at each other in surprise. Silence. “You opted to stay,” said the button. “No,” said the goldfish. “I wanted you to live.

And so the button and the fish merrily continued their journey.

A shadow fell across the icy ground and the horse came to a halt. “It’s good to have you friends back,” said the horse. “It’d would be a lonely journey without company.

The button turned and said, “You saw us suffer, you witnessed our scare.” “To do not a thing, how were you able to bear?”  asked the goldfish. Speechless, horse could not move. And he watched the button and the goldfish bounce away from his view.


Not a thing makes sense. I would not be surprised. It’s a dream. One of the few I’ve managed to write before it escaped the memory. 


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