rainy days

Yellows and oranges reflected on glassy streets.

We’re experiencing the 18th (out of the 21 expected) typhoon for the year. It’s been pouring since late afternoon. I went home soaked.

I had the option to ride the jeepney but I know it would be crowded with everyone avoiding to brave this weather on foot. Also, it would be highly likely that the cramped space would smell of damp shoes and an assortment of day end scents. Might as well endure the walk under the rain and enjoy sharing the sidewalks with lighter foot traffic.

I spent most of the way home avoiding potholes and the possibility of being splashed on by moving vehicles. Such a waste. If I knew I’d be dealing with ankle-deep flooding a block away from the apartment, I wouldn’t have bothered.

Washed and applied alcohol immediately when I got home. It’s been a tiring day. Usually, the walk home is the time to relax. It’s the simplest task of any day. To get to the destination. Today, it required added effort.

One thing I appreciate about rainy days – it provides the best setting for sleep. I don’t believe I’d be bothered by the croaking toads for tonight. I’ll be dead to the world once I hit the pillows.


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