P600 for a week

Stayed at home the entire day. I had to to avoid spending. With a 24-hour convenience store a block away, that’s quite a challenge. I cooked enough food to last until tomorrow morning. That way, I’ll have no excuse to go out to buy food.

I have 600 Php to last until the next pay day, which is basically a week away.  This is what happens when one engages in pity party while inside a mall.

It’s not really that bad. I’ve stocked on instant noodles and the basic supplies last week. I’ll survive. There’s no question about that. I just need to stick to the budget (which almost never happens). No buying of pens, after work coffee sessions, previously owned books, or any feel-good purchase. I’ve used up my feel-good purchase coupons for the month.

I should really work on self control.


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