a ten at last

I’m making no pretense that it’s a jog session. I brisk walked for most of the time 😀

When I started with the attempts to jog, it was a goal (in the far future) to complete ten rounds in the university field (the university outer route is in another level. Maybe next year?). Took me more than two hours (and two years?) to finally managed to complete ( – and to even attempt to complete) the rounds. The muscle cramps came during the latter rounds. Before, I’d be Now I need to work on jogging (instead of walking) more.

Earlier tonight, I had no plans of even using that route – or taking a long walk. There just happened to be lightning every 15 minutes or so. I stuck to the outer roads where there’s more taller-than me things 😀 There’s a part of the usual route where the palms have been struck by lightning. It divides two smaller fields and you’re basically the tallest thing – aside from the remaining two palms – in the 50-meter stretch. I was avoiding this part.

Perhaps it also helped that I was wearing lighter clothes. It’s been jogging pants since last summer’s chicken pox experience, an attempt to cover the polka-dotted legs. Then I realized, they’re never really going to be the same as before. Might as well get used to the sight. Plus, it’s getting warmer in the evenings. Not really ideal for jogging pants.

I initially aimed for six rounds. I’d be happy with that. Then I remembered all the root beer and pastries I’ve consumed during the week so I thought, perhaps eight? Why not go for ten? It’d leave me a little less guilty.

It did – until I bought my dinner 😀


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