summer in October

It – is – HOT!

Woke up with the pained whirring of the electric fan. Disoriented, was it summer already? I wish I would have that large drum where I would fit – a makeshift tub. That drum should be quite big. A few day’s ago I was dreading the morning water. Freezing (okay, an exaggeration).

It really felt like summer. Peak of summer hot. I kept delaying lunch so it would we relatively cooler when I go out of the office to buy food. I’d return with a fruit shake – the largest one I can get. Make that “second to the largest”. There’s this one liter shake I’ve been eyeing. Imagine, enjoying a liter of cold buco shake in a temperature such today’s.

As much as possible, I’d stay inside the office. Times like these make one appreciate air-conditioning. You could feel the temperature change as you pass the office door.

The immune system seems to be in good condition. During extreme weather changes, I’d usually be packing on tissue and paracetamol struggling with flu or sore throat or cough – or all of the above.

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