talk about timing

The thing about working for the government, help comes in your most desperate times.

By desperate, I mean really desperate. It’s when you’re on the verge of selling something to settle your bills or when you’re spending you’re free time calculating and re-calculating trying to find a way to cut your expenses or when you start seeing price tags on every object that your eyes perceive? Something to that effect. That’s near really desperate. And then the skies open and rays of light descend from the heavens – pigeons in flight and that harp playing (or some instrumental stuff) are optional. You receive good news. You immediately feel relieved, then happy, and then you start doubting – Is that really true? It’d be very nice but one must not treat this tip as fact until the account balance confirms the news. Must do triangulation of information.

That really desperate state makes me value things more and for some twisted reason (unknown to me), endears government work to me 😀

I spent the whole weekend worrying about how I’ll survive the week with P600. I had accepted that I’ll be on siomai mode and pancit canton diet for the rest of the week. Not a very motivating thought to think about all the work I need to complete this week (my thesis not included).

It was getting more and more depressing every time I removed a bill or a coin from the purse. Depressing. It’s the psychological state I was worried about. Physically, I may survive a long time without the feel-good food (or just consume no food at all). I happen to have a lot of stored fats. This body seems to presume that famine’s to come some time soon.

We received the good news from informal sources. In government offices, this sources would be the secretaries and the administrative personnel. They have this wide network of sources from everywhere. After validation of the tip by a couple of sources, the payroll bank statement confirmed what we had hoped would be true.

Relieved would be an understatement.

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