on brew

Played kitchen at the office last week. We found a box full of yellow tea at one of the canisters in the makeshift office pantry. The tea bags seemed to have failed to interest our mice friends and the humans. It has been stored for quite a while.

Got six teabags and put it in the drip coffee maker and waited. The tea seemed fine. Add calamansi juice, sugar, and ice and we have our own office-made iced tea. I thought it was good. But there’s this thing we call bias. So we shared the batch of tea and got good feedback.

Tonight, I’ve got two batches of tea to last ’til the morning. It’s one of the many attempts to avoid work today. Got sugar and yellow tea from the supermarket and purchased some calamansi from the stall across the street. I have no coffee maker at home so I resorted to boiling the tea bags. Not exactly the proper way to prepare tea but it will do. And of course, ice (lots of it) from the ever dependable convenient store.

Taking gulps on a liter tumbler as I work on this entry (still avoiding the real task at hand). My excuse? This is my warm up for the writing I’ll be doing later. Lame.


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