Pauses. Spaces. Silence. Thoughts dismissed as unimportant  or in some cases things we’d rather not continue sharing. It’s regaining rationality, a momentary attack of the nerves, and/or succumbing to cowardice.

It’s not really healthy when you deal with the three dots and work at the same time. Good luck with maintaining the focus. What focus?!

What I’d really want to do is scREAAAAAM! It’s not because I’m pissed or fuming. It’s nice just to release some tension. I don’t even know what I’ll scream. Will it be an expletive? In what dialect? Which particular expletive? There’s quite a long list – in most dialects. Perhaps an Arrrgh! will do. <This paragraph does not belong to this entry.>

I’ve been walking around with this imaginary load and my, it is heavy! I’m more tired in the past days keeping this bit of information compared with finishing the more-walk-than-jog session.

All attempts to share the information is reduced to developing my story segue skills. I’ve been getting polite reactions from the topic disconnect 😀


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