option 4

Barely made the tenth round in the field. I was starting to doubt if I could keep the distance as the normal walk session. I am relieved to finish it. I had this weird walk back home with the pained expression in my face. Why am I doing this? that voice asked. Because of the rice, the fruit shakes, the soft drinks, pastries,… I remembered.

The jog was an attempt to feel productive for the day. There were four options, namely: (1) work on a form required next semester’s enrollment, (2) talk with the thesis adviser, (3) work on expanding your thesis outline, and (4) take a long walk. I’d take that long walk any day.

The fourth option, aside from being the only thing I’ve manage to cross out in today’s list, made it possible for me to get a deep, dreamless (at least none that I could remember) sleep. A bonus.

With option 3 haunting me even in dreams, I needed that sleep. Of course, option 2 would be a more effective way of addressing the sleep problem. I’d be dealing with option 1 tomorrow. That’d also require a lot of walking and waiting.


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