I’m going home šŸ˜€

Managed to deal with loose ends before I go back to the hometown for a break. Completed the forms needed for next semester’s enrollment, met with my adviser,… Everything seemed… – seamlessly timed? Usually, I’d be under greater stress during this time of the semester with all the waiting, walking to and back the certain parts of the campus. I’d get on the bus relieved to have managed escape from here. Not this time. No complaints about that.

Got a book (some reports) to finish. I shouldn’t be thinking about that – yet. I have a book for distraction, a notebook to scribble on, and a memory card to fill with non-conference/training/seminar related subjects.

The twelve-hour bus trip starts in a few hours. It’s a good thing theĀ Turbina Bus TerminalĀ already has 24-hour stores and restaurants with decent comfort rooms.

All I have to do is wait – and I can’t stop grinning.

12-hour Bus Trip Essentials

  1. bottled water,
  2. mints/ candy,
  3. tissue,
  4. alcohol/hand sanitizer,
  5. five/ten-peso coins in your pocket (for comfort room fees),
  6. jacket (preferably with a hood), and most importantly
  7. fully charged music player.

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