Day 1/10: November 2011 Break

A disadvantage of going home, you’re reminded of how much you’ve grown, vertically – and horizontally. Gotten used to it. It’s seems to be part of the welcome greeting.

The first thing to do whenever I come home (after the greetings, of course) is to check the supplies. The aunts usually have a stock of chocolates collected in the past months from pasalubong of relatives. They don’t really consume the sweets because of their health condition. They have a concerned niece for that 😀

It’s also a chance to do prepare the list for the groceries I’d need to get. For people who don’t eat chocolates, the house seemed to favor the sweet taste even in dishes. I’ll need to balance that with salty items. By evening, I was craving for salted peanuts.

The first day is basically catching up with the aunts and the father – family news, nephew news (yep, there’s a separate session for that), and local gossip/news (it’s interchangeable around here).

Ended the day with a salt and mild alcohol session with the second sister and her husband. A good start 😀



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