Day 2/10 November 2011 Break

I realized the date setting in the mobile phone was set a day in advance. I was writing entries and was trying to schedule tasks for this week and the dates were just wrong. The kitchen calendar and the mobile calendar were in conflict. At least I have the mobile phone to blame this time.

Worked on one of the materials I needed to complete and continued with the readings. It just feels great to be home. The greatest advantage is being surrounded by moving people. Back in the apartment, the shadows moved because of the light movements. Plus I don’t have to decide what or where to eat 😀

I forgot how cold water is compared with the Los Baños water supply. The air’s cleaner and the breeze stronger. It’s more humid though. It’s hot and humid. A good time for siestas. With this weather, I’m sorely missing fruit shakes.

Spent some time to use some memory space and later, catch up with high school friends.


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