Day 3/10 November 2011 Break

If it weren’t for the second sister’s power of persuasion, I wouldn’t have seen this. I was shaken awake and was invited to a trip to Busay Falls in the next town.

It’s a couple of minutes’ ride from here. I didn’t plan on going. Staying asleep is the best way to deal with a late evening. Then I thought, it’d be my chance to finally use the camera I brought. So I decided to join the couple to the falls but not for a dip.

There’s a ten-peso entrance fee and a P25 parking fee for motorcycles. Cars and buses are charged higher. It’s a small fee to enjoy the place. I had a great time with the hike to the second falls.

It’s not like I get the chance to visit this place every time I come home. Plus, I haven’t gone the beach yet. I cannot go back to work without a swim – be it salt or freshwater.

Plus, the water massage at the foot of the smaller waterfalls was great for the back and the shoulders.


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