Day 4/10

A visit to the city about an hour from this town. The waiting time for the van to fill was the same as the travel time.

That waiting time was spent taking note of the things I’ve done during the break. I had ticked the boxes beside the massage session with the local manghihilot and the swim/dip.

I also attended mass yesterday (after a quite some time) – in a dress. I realized being in a dress makes people act more kindly towards you. The 5pm service has already started and the seats were occupied. I was already preparing myself for an hour of standing (there I was thinking, “This is what you get for coming late”) when manong offered his monobloc seat. There happened to be other females standing. I was the only one in a dress. Attending Sunday services wasn’t really part of the list. It’s just noteworthy for my case 😀

Spending time in Legazpi was a treat. A good meal and a quite a long time in the bookstore. I also had to run errands for the aunts and the sister. In the process, I also got a copy of a DVD I couldn’t find back in Laguna. A (welcome) distraction.

Today, I attended another service. About an hour after returning from Legazpi, the youngest aunt, asked me to accompany her to a service at the cemetery. I had to recite the first reading in front of our relatives. See, I was the only one who could read the fine print of the prayer pamphlet. The elders needed glasses and they seemed to all have forgotten to bring their pair. Great! I survived. It wasn’t so bad. The youngest aunt and I attended a small family gathering – that means there were less than 15 of us.


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