holiday dilemma

Finished reading Hungry Girl in Paris at about four in the morning. It was afternoon when I woke up. No work today 😀 Cleaned the apartment. I didn’t have the chance last weekend. Watched more movies. Now this is a holiday.

For some reason, I still found myself craving for pizza, specifically Bonito’s Everything On It Grilled Pizza. The pizza and I were introduced during my sister’s birthday treat earlier this month. Somehow, I felt that I wasn’t able to savor the pizza because I was already full when in arrived. So to end November, I thought I could get to know this pizza better.

Finding a place and a time with few people is precious. Being the sole customer does have its advantages. I like the silence. I get to study and appreciate the place.

What to do after dinner? Start with the next read Hannibal, get some coffee, or watch movies (again?) at home. I really should be looking for a new series to watch.



You know you’ve been focused on work when you haven’t opened your Facebook account until late in the afternoon. It was quite a day. Busy bit fulfilling.

Finalizing drafts, attending committee lunch meetings, holding student consultations, handling classes… a typical day. I’m thankful. No sarcasm there. Other people a lot more things to deal with. I was uneasy over the relatively light work load last week. For today’s work, I am at peace. It was supertasking in practice 😀

Still feeling productive. Today’s one of those days that count.

Looking forward to oversleeping tomorrow. It’s a holiday 😀

5pm to 8pm (the next day)

Been awake since yesterday afternoon. Got two deliverables to submit earlier this morning. It just so happened that I had the urge to take the long walk on the day I’ll be pulling an all-nighter. Not a very bright thing to do, I now know.

I’ve finished the first task at about four in the morning and it was on with he second deliverable. At this point, I cannot squeeze a nap because it’d be impossible for me to wake up after an hour or two. I cannot not meet this deadline. Or so I thought. There was a couple of hours delay. Our department had an activity in the morning and I had a meeting with another activity  site in the afternoon.

Still, it was quite a productive day even if I felt like I was struggling with my balance. The head weighed significantly heavier. There was just something off with my balance. I found  the body leaning backwards now and then. The eyelids felt heavier and everything was moving in slow motion. Even my brain was working in slo-mo.

I hope I remember this day the next time I plan to get some exercise on the days I need to work late.


family day

Got the morning wake up call from the mother. I’ve been invited for a free lunch! Just what I needed. After the recent splurge, I need all the freebies I can get from the relatives 😀

Lunch was settled and we (the mother, third sister, and the nephew) watched movies.  It’s nice to spend time with family even if it means having a wrestling match with the seven-year-old nephew. I’ve never been around growing males – same as the mother and the sister. Wrestling seems to be their past time during this stage. The only thing that allowed us to watch the movie in peace was letting him play the Angry Birds game on my mobile phone.

When you’re watching a movie with chefs, there’s a lot of food scenes. That’s bound to get you hungry after a while. The third sister produced a leaflet of items for delivery from the mother’s favored pizza store. Yep, pizza once more. Still, I’m loving every slice. It’s free courtesy of the third sister. I’m to pay the next time we crave for pizza. For now, I’m enjoying the free slices 😀

And finally, I managed to burn some (an insignificant number of) calories from the ten-round walk. I also managed to pay the one round walk I wasn’t able to complete during my last walk. The lower back is sore and so are m feet. But hey, at least I got back to walking. Must schedule another walk for this week. At this rate of consumption, I need more and longer walks.

Must prepare for the Christmas season.

pizza… again (no complaints here)

To wake up in the afternoon is such a luxury I can take only on weekends. With this weather, it’s not that hard to do. I save a lot on meals during this day. During some Saturdays, breakfast, lunch, and dinner is taken as a meal.

Because I splurged on pizza last night, I shouldn’t be spending today. (Ideally.) I produced a can of corned beef, an old garlic bulb, tomato paste, and spaghetti from the humble cupboards. That’d last me the day.

Spent the afternoon watching movies. Tomorrow, I’ll be working on my other work. I’ve got three deliverables first thing Monday morning. No chance to watch movies tomorrow. I’m making the most of my Saturday.

Come dinner time and I found myself munching on pizza once more. The friends were eating out after a day’s work on a weekend. Another chance to indulge on green tea cream frappuccino 😀 It was nice to get out of the apartment. The about two-hour trip to the nearest mall was better than staring at the screen.

Really, this month’s been all about indulgence! Especially food. My belt’s giving me the warning. Must really get back to walking. I’ve got a lot to burn.