Day 6/10 November 2011 Break

This is the makeshift work area at home. I’ve brought some tasks with me over the break. There’s still several uncheck items. This is where they’re going to be accomplished.

It’s the same study table I reviewed my notes in elementary and high school. Got good results so far.  I just hope it’d motivate me to stick with completing the tasks.

It does feel nice to stare at the same set of windows whenever I’m at a loss for the next sentence or attempting to remember a word. Right now, it’s raining. A bonus. It’s a nice background to the shadow dance of plants project by the lampposts to the glass window. There’s that constant diamond-shaped light in the glass from the lamppost across the street. The frogs had ended their concert at about 1 am. That’s a good sign.

Notice the green guy? It’s been a great companion these past nights. It brings light to the darkness (literally) and I’m loving the rechargeable feature. It’s was under its supervision that I also finished reading Aleph in the early part of this break. Borrowed it from the aunt. I believe there’s a purple hippo version.It’s green so I can look at it to relax the eyes. It offers a smile (at least I think it is) for those moments when you’re near to pressing play to get back to that great tv series you have on the hard drive.

Must remember to get one for the apartment.


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