Day 10/10 November 2011 Break

And so it ends today.

I was hoping I could do some writing waiting for the bus departure. Did some academic reading earlier. It made me realize I have a lot to read on. The writing I did was limited to taking notes in longhand.

Got two more books, as if my luggage wasn’t heavy enough. I just couldn’t help it. They were on sale 😀 The store’s in view as I encode these thoughts. There’s another stack I wasn’t able to check. Enough. There are deadlines to deal with.

Managed to take the long walk this morning. Finally. Last night, I slept early to prepare for this walk. I just cannot go back to work without that walk. A swim in the beach would have to wait for the next visit.

This has been one the longest break I’ve had. I definitely have no excuse to not to deliver.


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