back to normal

It’s a holiday. For people with work backlog, that’s a chance to finish tasks due days – even years – ago. I’m scared. I fear that I’d miss the deadlines once more. There’s quite a lot pf outputs to complete this week. Everything’s back to normal. Welcome to the second semester.

I’m being punished. Just when I needed the energy to move around and make arrangements to get back to my usual routine, I am ever more aware of every muscle in the body as I move. No sudden  movements. Even taking a seat – or getting out of it is a challenge. Must take note not to take the long walk in Bacacay during the same day of the 12-hour trip back to Laguna.

It’s not just the body that needs to recover from the 10-day trip. I need to survive until next payday. I went to the mother’s salon to give her the package from the second sister. I also had selfish reasons for being there – laundry and food. The great thing about being a daughter, I found, is that you can exercise your parasitic tendencies to your mother – especially when it’s about food. Mothers like to feed their offsprings. Another reason why I limit the visits to the mother.

I managed to finish one of the deliverable for this week. That’s a good start. I’ll sleep feeling hopeful, believing I can complete the outputs for the week. I have to.


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