It’s amazing how things become can suddenly unfamiliar.

I went to the place where I can usually work in and I found it foreign. How can one feel out of place in an area one has frequently gone to in the past?

Perhaps this is what happens when one refuses to change as everything around him/her does.

What one thought of as facts were mere assumptions. Too bad if one’s self-concept and value depend greatly on such assumptions. Self-doubt would reign. If one was wrong about such things, is it not possible that one was also wrong in a lot of other things.

It’s that moment of disorientation. That feeling of being lost. It’s quite difficult to determine where one’s assumptions end and facts become distinguishable. What is factual and what is assumed is blurred. And even if one becomes able once more to identify facts, it’s never the same.

During such moments, fear grips one and in his/her mind a looped question plays “What if this is just my assumption?


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